Scientists from St. Petersburg are working to create a unique landing system

Here we need a special landing system

Modern aviation, both military and civilian, is not conceivable without take-off and landing systems. And what if the pilots have to perform their tasks on unprepared sites – in the mountains, on ice floes or offshore drilling platforms? A group of specialists of the St. Petersburg University of Telecommunications, headed by Professor Evgeny Borisov, is working on the development of a small-scale radar air traffic control system.
Project Manager Professor Evgeny Borisov

The system will consist of several small-sized posts, which maintain continuous communication with aircraft and, thus, determine their coordinates and characteristics during approach. Depending on the tasks to be solved, the number of posts can vary from 5 to 36. The system is designed for almost any type of aircraft – drones, helicopters, aircraft transport aircraft.

The system is very compact. Its delivery to the installation site and deployment do not pose a particular problem, as well as its subsequent operation. It is well protected from all sorts of “jamming”, thanks to special countermeasures systems .


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