Deep-water nuclear submarine “Losharik”

One of the photos, which shows the AS-12 submarine

It is always pleasant to realize that in our country they can still build something that has no analogues with other world powers. One such example is the submarine AC-12, which was unofficially christened Losharik during its construction because of its modular structure, than it resembles a hero from the cartoon of the same name.

Despite the fact that Losharik speaks and writes about the submarine very much, there is still no official picture of her anywhere, and under all available pictures there is a signature with the words “possibly” or “probably”. Accordingly, it generates a lot of rumors and conjectures. Let’s understand as much as possible what is said from the rumors, and what is not quite.

LosharikModel of the carrier boat and Losharika

It is known that the creation of such a submarine began in 1988, it is known that because of the crisis in the 90’s, it was stopped, it is known that in 2000 the process was re-launched and, finally, in August 2003, a submarine was launched. It is also known that it is equipped with an autonomous nuclear reactor, an engine for 10 thousand hp. and it consists of 25 officers. Further the data already goes with the mark “not checked”.

Presumably on the photo of ACS-12 AS “Losharik”

The depth of the submarine sinking, declared as 1000 meters, varies easily by 6 thousand in different sources. Under the conditions that Losharik performed work at a depth of 2.5-3 thousand meters in the Arctic Ocean. Underwater speed in this case the boat is 30 knots. Not surprisingly, Western countries became nervous. Just at such a depth and relative quietness of the submarine, it becomes almost invulnerable. For it can not be heard by any hydroacoustics. Therefore, we have in our hands an almost perfect means for reconnaissance.

The design of the AC-12 is made up of several spherical chambers made of titanium. Outside, the polyspherical design is “wrapped” with a lightweight classic body. This scheme allows the boat to withstand pressure at very deep depths.

Losharik in a section
Losharik in a sectionThe structure of Losharik implemented the principle of the bathysphere

The full displacement of the boat is 2000 tons, and as its carrier another submarine is used, specially redesigned for this purpose. It is called BS-136 Orenburg. For long travels the carrier is used, and later Losharik already swims himself. Given his ability to stay under water for several months.

LosharikPLA-carrier pr.09786 BS-136 Orenburg

Another feature of the submarine AC-12 is the following. Despite the fact that it is attributed to the Northern Fleet of Russia, it does not obey its command. The submarine is subordinated directly to the Ministry of Defense and is part of the Main Directorate for Deepwater Research of the RF Ministry of Defense. Which is also called as “deepwater exploration.”

For all this, Losharik is not a military ship. According to the official classification, the boat is listed as an atomic deepwater station. On its board there is not a single gun or torpedo installation. There are only tools for soil sampling, sonar and some other devices related to scientific activity. But everyone understands perfectly well that in the event of a military conflict, all these instruments from the bow are easily turned … transformed … into elegant shorts.


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