The creation of a new American invisible bomber is shrouded in mystery

Invisible stealth bomber of the new generation

About 30 years have passed since the first flight of the American B-2 invisible bomber. In the Pentagon, this is considered sufficient grounds for launching a project of its receiver – a new generation of strategic bombers, in which the aviation competitors, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, will take part. The command of the US Air Force expects that in about 10 years new machines will begin to go into service.

According to retired Air Force General David Deptul, the new bomber should fully comply with the concept of a future war, an active participant in which will be artificial intelligence. The invisible bomber will be a self-formulating “battle cloud” that uses information from other combat aircraft when performing various tasks.

It must also become an adequate response to Russia and China, which is actively improving its air defense and weapons of destruction, in particular strategic cruise missiles .

The new invisible bomber will have high survivability, great potential payload, powerful high-precision weapons, the ability to penetrate imperceptibly to the greater depth of enemy defenses. The estimated cost of the bomber is about 550 million dollars.


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