The concept of a prospective Russian military transport aircraft


At a recent meeting of the Military Industrial Commission, the concept of a prospective Russian military transport aircraft (PAC TA) was presented. In comparison with its predecessors, it will have incomparably greater capabilities – speeds of up to 2000 km / h, a range of over 7,000 km and the ability to carry up to 200 tons of payload.

The PAK TA program is designed for 9 years. During this time, 80 transport aircraft will be built, capable of delivering military equipment and personnel to where this will be necessary.


Among the “priority” cargoes are the new heavy tanks of “Armata” and other vehicles on this platform, missile armament (including nuclear warheads), air defense systems, ramp fire systems and other equipment.


The cargo compartments of the conceptual aircraft will have several levels and are designed for automatic loading. Technique and personnel will be able to airborne from the PAC TA to any terrain.

A squadron of several transport planes will be able to transfer up to 400 Armata tanks or about 1,000 armored vehicles of the type “Sprut-SD” with crews to the combat zone .


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